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Strengthen your body

Pilates exercises will improve your posture, abdominal, leg and arm strength in combination with proper breathing. You can practice only Pilates or combine it with yoga classes so that your body gets everything it needs. We practice Pilates 3 times a week, and in addition to classic Pilates, we work with Pilates balls and practice the mobility of our body.

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Advanced yoga

Challenge yourself

The classes are intended for those who have mastered the beginner level and are ready to deepen their yoga practice with more advanced postures, more physically demanding classes, and to deepen their practice of meditation and relaxation.

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Beginners yoga

Get to know yoga and connect with yourself

These classes are designed for the beginner level, someone just entering the world of yoga, or people with certain conditions that prevent them from following the more advanced classes. We start from the very basics: what yoga is, what the classes look like, focus on proper breathing and detailed explanation of positions with assistance for proper execution. We learn how to connect movements with our mind, be present in the moment and relax at the end!

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Exercises created for youngs in development

An exercise program adapted for developing schoolchildren consisting of stretching, flexibility, and balance exercises. The exercises are focused on strengthening the muscles, their endurance, and above all on proper posture. Since children grow fast in this period, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper development of the body. In addition, at the end of each lesson we will have a few minutes of relaxation so that the children learn to take care of their mental health. Considering that they spend most of their daily life in the online environment, it is important to devote time to taking care of theirs body!

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Private class

A class suited for you

During private lessons, the instructor can fully devote himself and adapt to individual needs and wishes. If you want to work in more detail on some positions or devote more time to relaxation and breathing exercises, you can book a private lesson. It can be one-on-one or up to 3 people who can participate in a private lesson together. You gather your friends and share the costs, and you get everything you need if you can't find it in group classes or if you want to work on something extra.

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