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Yoga & pilates studio

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About me

My first contact with yoga happened in the first year of college in 2015. It beggined as PE class, but it has become part of my everyday life. Yoga helped me cope with the challenges of studying and life in general. Depending on my free time, I regularly attended yoga classes, and I enjoyed practicing alone in my student room. On the way to my diploma, I decided to get another one - a yoga and pilates instructor. I deepened my knowledge and discovered the magic of Pilates. After returning to my hometown Orebić, in 2020, I started teaching yoga. Since then as interest turned out to be great, I decided to open my own business and set up my own studio. The studio is called Tenger, which means sea in Hungarian. The symbolism behind the name is hidden in my family roots and the connection with the sea by which we live and which brings great peace to our lives.

I thank all of you who made it possible for me to turn my dreams into reality!

Your instructor Anamarija